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Commercial carpets are seeing a resurgence in popularity after years of advocacy for modern, smooth flooring from interior design trendsetters. Kept clean easily, insulating and bringing warmth to open areas with minimal outlay, there’s a wealth of reasons why carpets are making a comeback. The increasing popularity of carpets has seen the Royal Bank of Canada cash in on carpet-maker stocks, demonstrating the growth in the industry. That means there’s not been a better time to invest in new commercial carpets as a business owner.
Costs are low, and quality is high. Here’s exactly why you should switch:

Cost Effective

The first thing to note about commercial carpets is that they’re actually cheap to keep in good order. For starters, carpet cleaning costs are lower than comparable ones for, say, wooden floors, which require regular buffing and waxing. There is, of course, the danger of spillages, but those are relatively rare and often easily rectified at the time.
Carpets also help keep dollars in your pocket in the first place, as they act to effectively trap heat in your office space and also reduce noise pollution, meaning you can use cheaper solutions for temporary walls and noise insulation. Between the energy savings and the relatively simple upkeep of carpets, you could do worse for your pocket when choosing a flooring.

Variety and Opportunity

Given the inherent possibilities for the customization of carpets, each fabric offers a lot of variety when you’re looking to bring character to your business. You can get extremely creative when designing your office space, as this huge carpet convention in India has demonstrated, which is visited by Canadian vendors.
The sheer versatility of carpet and the variety of materials gives you a lot of opportunities to bring a specific character to your business.

Health and Safety

Commercial carpets can be more welcoming on the joints and health of yourself and your employees in the long-run. Hard flooring has been shown to enhance the risk of joint problems and injuries when used frequently without the proper support on your feet and ankles (which you wouldn’t necessarily have in an office environment). Accordingly, it pays to have proper flooring to support the musculo-skeletal health of the people in your business area.


Carpets are on the way back up after a few years of design-led obscurity, and for very good reasons. With a huge variety of design options, cost effectiveness and with proven benefits for your health, it might just be time to switch over – or back – to the fabric stuff.

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Jane Sandwood is a freelance writer with over 10 years of experience writing on a variety of topics. She also has several years of experience working in the cleaning industry.

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