When we were kids there were no electronic tablets, or cell phones, and really only the rich kids had cable TV. So, kids today can take a few notes out of the playbook of a generation of kids who truly knew what it was like to bored on a summer afternoon.

1. Time for a dance off

Ross and Monica style, your kids can crank up the iTunes and turn your living room into a virtual dance studio. You might need to give them a lesson or two on how to do the running man and the sprinkler and then let them create some memorable dance routines of their own.

2. Time to get soaked

Grab a couple of Super Soakers from the local store and let the kids have an epic water battle in the back yard.

3. Time to play ball

Whether it’s a round of kickball with the neighborhood kids, 2 square in the driveway, or a friendly game of Whiffle ball. The kids will never be bored when they have a ball and a game. What’s your favorite way to fight summer boredom?

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