Hello friends and clients: It is a new year! Have you started your list of resolutions? A lot of people I’ve talked to have two things at the top of their list – “living green” and “saving some of the green stuff” in their wallets for a better quality of life.

So here is my ONE solution to TWO resolutions: I’m going to be working extra hard at SAVING carpets. Doesn’t exactly sound glamorous but here is why it works!

What can be more “green” for our planet than taking care of what we have so we consume less? And it’s “green” for your wallet because replacing carpets can cost thousands of dollars!

Another Year… Another Month… Another Day…

How Long Will Your Carpet Last?

A carpet can last a very long time when it is properly maintained and cared for. I’ve seen carpet that was 20 years old that looked brand new because it was well cared for. On the other hand I’ve seen relatively new carpet that looked 20 years old because no one was maintaining it properly.

Here are the 6 ways you can extend the life and beauty of your carpet:

1) Have people remove their shoes

Post a polite sign on the door if you have to. This is one of the biggest ways you can start saving your carpet today.

2) Vacuum frequently

Your frequency will depend on the level of foot traffic and the numbers of people and pets in your home. But you can NEVER vacuum too much.

3) Keep pet urine off your carpet

NOTHING ruins carpet faster than urine. Do whatever you have to do to keep this contamination off the carpet.

4) Clean spots and spills immediately

But DON’T use any of the do-it-yourself “carpet cleaning” products you see advertised on the TV. These products are the fastest way to big, dirt attracting, sticky residue spots. Simply use very hot tap water with some mild dish detergent (no bleach agents) and a clean, white, dry towel. Soak and blot. Never rub.

5) Get your carpet professionally cleaned every 6-12 months

NOTHING extends the life of your carpet like this step. Even dirt you cannot see can be deep inside the carpet breaking down and wearing the fibers. It’s the only way to prevent permanent traffic lanes and wear patterns. Remember this rule of thumb: Clean before your carpet LOOKS dirty to prevent wear and tear – it’s time and not the dirty appearance that you should judge by.

6) Get your carpet professionally protected when it’s cleaned

The factory finish is removed with wear and cleanings. This finish is a protective barrier between your carpet and soils, oils, stains and general wear and tear. Ignoring this step will shorten the life span of your carpet considerably.

There you have it! Six easy ways to save your carpet – live green and save green!

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