Every fall season presents a series of unique challenges for homeowners who want to keep their homes clean and bacteria free. From strong gusts of wind carrying leaves, dirt and other debris through the front door, to muddy boots being tracked in from the backyard, the Fall season is tough on homeowners with carpets.

Making sure your carpets are well kept will help prevent any mold or bacteria build up, which is important to your family’s health as winter creeps in. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be trapped inside your bacteria. Extended exposure to bacteria only increases your chances of catching a cold, which is something everyone wants to avoid.

For the best Ottawa carpet cleaning practices for the Fall, try the following:

Keep the Dirt Outside (or Contained)

Before you track dirt and debris inside, try leaving as much of it outside as possible. By leaving mats outside your front and back doors, you can cut down on a number of bacteria you track inside your home. For best results: shake, vacuum, or even wash them every week.

Consider Changing Your Dining Location

If your family tends to eat all your meals in a carpeted area, try having more of your meals in the kitchen. However, if this isn’t an option, try limiting the amount of time you spend in a carpeted room.

Vacuum Regularly

Watch out— your eyes can play tricks on you. What may look clean to the naked eye, may not be at all. Unless you have eyes that can detect microscopic bacteria, I suggest vacuuming at least once a week (more if you live in a busy household).

Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Nothing cleans your home better than the professionals at Ideal Carpet Cleaning. Depending on your family size, you may want to do this more regularly. We are Ottawa carpet cleaning specialists and know the best practices to remove your carpets of all bacteria.

For the best Ottawa carpet cleaning services, contact Ideal Carpet Cleaning today.

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