Before the coronavirus hit, Canadians were spending more time in their cars during daily commutes, according to CBC. More time behind the wheel means more wear and tear on vehicle carpets. If your vehicle’s carpets don’t look quite as fresh and clean as they used to, you’ll be pleased to know that there are quick fixes that will solve the problem. These tips are easy to follow, they don’t cost a bundle, and they’ll help protect your automotive investment. Also, they’ll make your vehicle a more pleasant place to be.

Use upholstery cleaner as a spot treatment

Do your automobile’s carpets have a few stains, rather than needing deep-cleaning all over? If so, you may want to spot treat them with an upholstery cleaner. While you may not get the same great results that a professional cleaning company would provide, you’ll find that applying upholstery cleaner to trouble spots, following the directions on the product container, helps a lot. Before you begin the spot treatment, vacuum carefully.

These products should be safe to use — they shouldn’t contain harmful chemicals. Sometimes, these products are foams. They are applied and left to sink in for a while, so their ingredients act on carpet fibres. Later on, they are brushed in. Quite often, the products come with applicators, but you may need to buy a brush or another type of cleaning tool, depending on the product instructions. These stain removal products work well on most carpets in most types of vehicles.

There are many stain removal products of this type and most are fairly simple to use. If you keep some upholstery cleaner on hand and deal with stains as they happen, you’ll find that your carpets look better quickly as it’s always best to treat a stain when it’s new. However, even old stains may fade or completely disappear when the right products and cleaning processes are used.

Rent a steam cleaner

Another option is renting a steam cleaner. This type of carpet cleaning machine uses steam to penetrate deep into carpeting and freshen it. Steam helps to release even deep-seated stains. With this type of machine, water is added, as well as a cleaning fluid. Then, the machine heats the combination of water and cleaning fluid. To steam-clean effectively, follow the directions carefully. You’ll make the same type of motion that you make when you vacuum, but this is pretty easy to do. It may get tiring after a while, but the results will be worth it. When you’re done, return the steam cleaner and let your vehicle carpets dry.

Hire a pro to do the work for you

To get the best results, let a carpet care professional handle matters for you. Just explain that you want your carpets cleaned and the expert will do the rest. Someone who cleans carpets for a living will know exactly how to restore the beauty of your vehicle’s rugs, without damaging their fibres or spoiling their color. If you clean your carpets DIY-style, things will probably be fine, but there’s always a chance of using the wrong product and damaging your carpets. A pro cleaner will know the best products to use, along with the smartest cleaning processes.

Any carpet cleaning is usually better than nothing, so don’t hesitate to clean your carpets yourself, unless you aren’t sure which products and processes to try. In that case, ask for help from an expert. Before you know it, your vehicle’s carpets will look great again.

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