Who doesn’t like a great dinner party? Here is a fun idea for anyone with spring fever. Invite over a group of friends for a dinner party themed “Around The World In 5 Bites.” Just the title on the invite will get their interest piqued and make you look clever and creative.

The idea is to present 5 courses each representing a different country. Your culinary trip around the world could look something like this…


1st Bite Japan

Now Japan is a beautiful, culturally rich country that has much to offer the palate. You could attempt sushi, an easier California roll, or some sort of fresh spring roll or dumpling.


2nd Bite Mexico

When everyone has cleansed their palate you can offer a bit of everyone’s favorite fare, from nachos, to a ceviche, homemade guacamole, or mini fish tacos.


3rd Bite France

Another culturally rich country that is famous for it’s cheese and rich dishes like beef bourguignon. You can go any direction by the third course, keep it light with a French themed salad and a tray of crispy bread and assorted cheeses. Or go for a heavier course with a recipe from the playbook of Julia Child.


4th Bite Italy

Italy, the gorgeous country that everyone dreams of escaping to. There is so much food from here to offer your guests, from pizza, to pasta, to prosciutto, and wine. Or you could jump straight to a first course of dessert and offer tiramisu with espresso or a nice affogato. (Ice cream drenched with a shot of espresso)


5th Bite Greece

End the meal with the exotic flavors of the land of the crystal blue sea. A beautiful, flaky baklava, some chocolate dipped fruit, and maybe even some Turkish coffee from Greece’s nearby neighbor.

This fun idea will liven up anyone’s dinner party, there are tons of recipe ideas on Pinterest, and to make it even more interesting you can ask your guests to dress up in the attire of their favourite country.

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