Hello friend! It’s your favourite carpet cleaner, from Ideal Carpet Cleaning. I have to tell you, it’s been my experience that a lot of my clients don’t like to clean in January and February. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have clients who just love to clean in winter because they know it’s actually a great time of year to clean, but it’s just not quite enough to keep me busy. So, please just take just 3 minutes and check out these…

4 Reasons Why February Should Be Your Month to Call Us

Reason #1: Stress-Free Appointment Times

Imagine this – my business drops to an all time slow pace in February – you can call me and have your pick of the schedule. Heck, I might even be able to get you in that day or the next.

Reason #2: Support Local Business and Community

If I can get support from just some of my clients who clean in February, then I, in turn, can have the funds to support local businesses in February. It’s kind of like a “circle of local business life.”

Reason #3: Longer Lasting Treatment

People tend to take their shoes off this time of year. Translation: Your carpets stay cleaner longer.

Reason #4: Great-Looking Carpets Again

Holiday spots and spills starting to bug you? Transform your carpets from dull to dazzling.

And if you are worried about cold air getting in and heat escaping during your cleaning, forget about it. I go to great lengths to minimize your home’s heat loss during winter cleanings.

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