Carpet cleaning has a reputation of being a luxury more than a necessity.  Without proper care your carpet becomes a health liability.  This is something most people don’t stop to consider before deleting the message to call and schedule their yearly professional carpet cleaner’s visit.   When the call comes in to schedule your children’s well visit to the pediatrician you immediately schedule.  The same will be true about a professional carpet cleaning when you educate yourself on the health risks involved with unclean carpet.

One potential health risk involved with improperly cared for carpet is asthma.  Asthma is caused by many outside influences.  One such influence is unclean, damp carpet.  This environment plays the perfect host to tiny organism and microbial growth.  In turn these minuet creatures increase the risk of asthma in patients living in such environments.    It is important that carpets are maintained and thoroughly dry throughout homes in order to decrease the risks involved with asthma.

Dust mites are another concern involved with unkempt carpet.  Dirty carpet serves as a host and breeding ground for mites which feed off of the bacteria and human skin cells that naturally live within carpet.  If you do not have a professional carpet cleaner, the carcasses of dead dust mites are inhaled by homeowners.  This can be extremely hazardous for people whom are allergic to dust mites. It is not only unpleasant but also a huge health risk causing eye irritation, skin rashes and nose inflammation.

Mold is also an area that can come into play with carpet that is not regularly maintained with visits for a carpet cleaner.  Asthma attacks increase ten-fold when mold is present.  Mold spores are known to breed bacteria and allergens.  These mold spores are breathed in and can cause issues within ones respiratory system.  If a family is suffering from cold like symptoms that are persistent it is likely the household should have their carpets professionally cleaned in order to remove any bacteria, mold spores and allergens that are breeding within their flooring.

Athlete’s foot does not come only from dirty gym floors anymore. The parasitic organisms found on dirty floors are constantly turned up on carpet flooring.  This in turn allows the organisms into the air and into respiratory tracks and also into even the smallest cut or knick on a person’s foot.  This can lead to athlete’s foot.

It is easy to see how carpet cleaning can seem like a luxury to many homeowners who are struggling to keep their heads afloat.  However, this thinking is curtailed when concerns about your family’s health are present.

Professional carpet cleaners suggest carpets should be cleaned every six months.  That is a bit of a stretch for most homeowners who are finding it hard to keep a balance with their spending habits.  It is possible with regular vacuuming and preventative behaviors such as spot cleaning, thoroughly drying spills and using throw rugs to minimize the amount of dirt and microorganisms and bacteria brought into the home in the first place.  Vacuuming every other day with also help in alleviating stains form building up and will help keep bacteria from settling deep within the carpet.


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