With more and more people entering the profitable buy-to-rent market, it’s essential for real estate investors to compete with higher-quality offerings. Carpet in rental properties is controversial choice because of renters’ feelings toward it, the difficulty in keeping it clean, versus its overall affordability. After all, how can you know that your tenants will clean the carpets properly when they’re living at the property? A professional carpet cleaning service can help alleviate this issue, but there are other issues to consider, too.

It’s Common

According to Real Property Management, a large US property management company, carpet is the most common flooring choice in rental properties right now. In some regions, alternative flooring options like vinyl tile have started to push out carpet. However, there’s still no replacement for the plush, warm feel of carpet underneath your feet on a cool day in Ottawa, and carpet’s affordability still makes it a winning choice for rental properties. The quality of the carpet you choose makes a big difference in what renters will think of it. A short-pile, durable carpet is easy to keep clean, but it can feel uncomfortable and austere.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Carpet is an excellent flooring option because of its price. Carpet in rental properties is very inexpensive, both to install and to maintain. High-quality carpet is meant to be replaced about every five years. If a tenant treats the carpet poorly while they’re there, it’s not difficult to replace for the next one. Hiring a professional cleaning service for a rental property is a great way to keep tabs on the unit, too, and make sure it’s properly maintained. Additionally, for multi-unit rental properties, carpet is good because of its noise-reducing effects.

Renters will enjoy deep, plush carpet – irresistible! This is especially true in the bedrooms where going barefoot is the norm. The drawback of carpet in a pet-heavy household can be mitigated by professional carpet cleaning. Also, if you plan to replace your carpet after every few tenants, pet damage won’t be a serious problem.

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