A new study conducted by a Sydney-based cleaning company has revealed employees are able to be more productive and creative in a clean working environment.

Statistics gathered over the last ten to 15 years have revealed that business productivity and profit margins increase significantly when the workspace is clean and comfortable.

Considering the office environment is often overlooked by management when looking for ways to increase sales and productivity, the report found that investing within may offer the fastest route to making external gains.

This isn’t the first study to link clean work environments with higher productivity, but the longevity of the study certainly makes it more credible. The report notes that having a clean and well organised working space encourages employees to mirror their environment and be more punctual and productive.

What’s more, the employees opinion of the company is improved, which applies to both prospective and current workers.

By being more conscious of the appearance of your workspace you are not only encouraging productivity internally but also improving client perception of the business, encouraging them that they are in good hands.

New South Wales University has also recently documented the importance of sustainable cleaning in the workplace after the educational establishment implemented ‘green cleaning’ rules. Under the new rules, cleaners are required to use only equipment, chemicals, and cleaning methods that have the lowest impact on the environment.

Considering cleaning is often overlooked when businesses consider their environmental impact, it is encouraging to see establishments reconsider their policies towards building management.


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