Treating your rug properly will not only maintain its quality and longevity but in some cases, increase its value. While you may have never considered your area rug an investment, for some business owners and homeowners, that’s exactly what their rugs happen to be.

Whether you have an area rug that gets walked over constantly, or you own a fine, area rug that’s the centrepiece of your home, you should be giving it the treatment it deserves.

Rug and Carpet Cleaning: Where Should I Start?

If you need immediate cleaning service, contact Ideal Carpet Cleaning today for a quote and to schedule an appointment.

For helpful tips and advice on cleaning rugs and upholstery in commercial and residential spaces, continue reading.

Rug Cleaning Ottawa: How Should I Spot Clean My Rugs?

To spot clean any spill or mess, don’t panic. Follow these steps for the best results.  

When choosing your cleaning agent, avoid any harsh chemicals. First, use a simple, neutral pH spotting solution, then a mixture of 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water to keep your rug and carpets clean.

Area Rug Cleaning Ottawa: What Are Some Lesser Known Rug Cleaning Hacks?

For regular treatment and care of your rug, here are a few rug cleaning maintenance hacks to consider:

  • Rotate Your Rug: Depending on where your area rug is located, both traffic and sunlight can wear down the surface, and the vibrancy of the dyes. That’s why you should rotate your rug every once and awhile.
  • Underpads: Stabilize and protect the shape of your rug, with the use of an underpad. As a result, you may extend the rug’s life, while maintaining its value.
  • Potted Plants: They may look nice, but all it takes is one crack to leak a harmful combination of soil and water onto your area rug.

Area Rug Cleaning Ottawa: What’s The Best Method for Vacuuming?

First, determine the direction of the fibres by running your hand back and forth on the rug. Avoid getting dirt trapped underneath the fibres by vacuuming and leaving the rug fibres running in their natural direction.

But before you vacuum, check the beater bar and make sure it’s just grazing the top of the rug and not digging into the fibres too much.

Also, pay close attention to the rug’s fringes, as they can get caught in your vacuum, and damage the appearance of the rug.

Rug Cleaning Ottawa: How Often Should I Have My Rugs Cleaned Professionally?

You should have your rugs cleaned every two to five years. Even with proper care and maintenance, rug fibres wear down over time, which make your rug look old and dated. With professional service every 2-5 years, you maintain your rugs quality, appearance, and depending on the type of area rug, you could increase its value.

Why Should I Clean My Rug With You?

With over a decade of experience in Ottawa, we have perfected our 4 step process of cleaning the finest Oriental area rugs. This process includes the use of an all-natural, environmentally friendly ECOgent product.

We dust, vacuum, wash, rinse, apply a stain protection agent, sanitize, dry, and finally, we perform thorough final inspection to ensure your area rug meets your expectations. In addition to that, we can even pick your rugs up from your home and return them to you after cleaning them!

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Our rug cleaning service starts at $95.

In addition to our rug cleaning Ottawa service, we offer rug and carpet cleaning service, carpet upholstery, and much more. From carpeting to tile and grout, and rugs to upholstery, Ideal Carpet Cleaning will keep your home and business clean.

By selecting Ideal Carpet Cleaning as your rug cleaning Ottawa service provider, we guarantee the effectiveness of our rug and carpet cleaning service and the professional treatment of your area rug.

Become one of our satisfied customers and schedule your area rug cleaning now.

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