We know that you have a serious investment in your fine rugs.  With the increasing popularity of hard floors in homes, we see more & more designer and wool rugs.

These rugs, whether they are ‘investment’ quality rugs or just ‘fun rugs’…

They all get soiled, sooner or later.

But we’re here to help.

Generally, Oriental Rugs will increase in value with age and proper care.  The best way to ensure a rug’s long life is to keep it clean.  Unlike other fibers, wool is much more resilient and cleans better.

Ideal’s rug cleaning facility offers you our complete service, including thorough cleaning and air drying, for your precious wool or synthetic rugs.

How Is It Done?

We will pick up your Oriental rug, clean it in our shop and deliver it back to your home.

Step 1: Dusting

The first step of our system is to “dust” the rug.  Thorough vacuuming—first the back and then the face of the rug removes dust, sand and loose soil trapped deep inside.  This is important because gritty sand grinds the expensive wool yarns down into those worthless fibers that fill up your vacuum bag.

Step 2: Wash and Rinse

In many parts of the world where fine rugs are made they are cleaned by placing them in a swiftly flowing river where they are submerged for hours on end–and then the carpet is slung over a tree branch to dry.  We don’t do it that way!  Instead, we pre-spray your rug with a mild cleaning agent made for wool cleaning and massage it deep into the fibers.  Attention is given to the dingy white fringes and spots on the rug.  Then we thoroughly rinse it out with a neutralizing rinse, which leaves your carpet feeling beautifully soft.  Excess moisture is extracted away to prepare for drying.  Stain Protection or Sanitizer is applied at this stage.  The rug is then groomed and the fringes combed.

Step 3: Drying

Drying occurs quickly using airflow and gravity.  Some rugs may be hung to dry.  Others, because of their make-up, would be allowed to dry flat on our platform.

Step 4: Final Inspection

After thoroughly drying, the rug is closely inspected to make sure we have the desired results.  Having your rug in our shop allows us to repeat any steps necessary to meet your expectations.



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