Spot cleaning can be a great quick fix for small stains. Certain spills such as coffee, cola, juices, pet accidents, medicines, milk, and foods with certain dyes must be spotted immediately for best results. Here are our suggestions for spot cleaning with maximum effectiveness.

Do not rub the spot. Don’t panic.

Gently remove any solid materials from the area with a spoon

Blot the area with a clean white terrycloth towel

Use a neutral pH spotting solution (available from Ideal Carpet & Rug Cleaning) to loosen the rest of the spot. Use only a minimum of this solution, just enough to moisten the spot.  Avoid soaking unaffected areas of the rug.  Gently massage the soiled yarns with your fingertips

Blot again to pick up the solution, turning the towel frequently to a clean portion

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the rug appears to be clean

Neutralize the spot with a vinegar solution. Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water.  Again, use only a minimum of this solution.  Blot repeatedly.  Remember not to rub

Before the rug dries be sure to comb the pile to blend with the rest of the rug. When the rug is dry, the nap should be lying in its natural direction

If the spill has dried before you notice it, we highly recommend getting the advice of an experienced rug cleaner.


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