Enjoy these quick tips and tricks for keeping your fine rugs clean at home in between professional cleanings!

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning is recommended every two to five years, depending on the traffic the rug receives.  Cleaning your Oriental Rugs properly enhances their look and value.  Not having one cleaned is like not going to the dentist.  Dirt has a sandpaper effect on the fibers.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

This is the best thing you, as an owner, can do for your rug.  First determine the direction of the nap by running your hand over the surface.  Never catch the fringes in the vacuum or the rug can be ruined.  Set your beater bar so that the brush just touches the top of the pile and moves easily across the rug.  Periodically vacuum the back of the rug.

Ensure even wear

Your rug should be rotated once a year, before you notice the high traffic areas starting to look dirty.  As well, direct sunlight has an effect on the dyes over time.


Choose a proper underpad

Find a good quality one that will stabilize and protect your rug’s shape, enhancing the value and make your rug safer to walk on.

Potted Plants

Never put a houseplant on the rug.  No matter how careful you are, moisture can penetrate onto the rug, creating permanent stains or mildew damage.


If the fringe becomes uneven, the edges can be trimmed in some cases.


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