July conjures up thoughts of backyard BBQ’s and late summer nights. Every great BBQ chef has their secrets and there is truly an art to mastering the grill. From marinades to secret spice rubs to the best combination of condiments…there are many tricks up the sleeves of a great BBQ chef.

Volumes have been written on the subject of creating the perfect BBQ but today I’m going to keep it really simple and just touch on some of the basic BBQ techniques for cranking out some yummy food. So here are some easy tips to consider before your next grill session…

Tip 1

When grilling chicken, go for the thighs. They are juicier than the white meat of the chicken breast and everyone loves that perfectly cooked chicken skin. Grill until almost done over the indirect heat and then move the chicken to direct heat for the last 5 minutes to get a nice crispy finish.

Tip 2

If steak is your go-to grill meat, give flank steak a try. It’s leaner, about 30% less saturated fat than a sirloin. And when done right, it’s just as tasty and juicy. Be sure to let it rest a few minutes, and then cut it thinly, against the grain to prevent it from getting tough.

Tip 3

If fish is your pleasure, salmon is a great choice. Not only because it’s delicious, but it holds up well when grilled. Many other varieties will flake and crumble on the grill. Salmon holds up best when placed on a well-greased grill or onto greased foil or even done on a cedar plank for a smoky flavor.

Tip 4

If you have a hankering for grilled pork, then pork chops make a great option. Experts recommend you sear the chops first over the high heat (about 3 min. per side) then move them over to the low, indirect heat until they are done. This is when a meat thermometer comes in handy, as it’s recommended the internal temp of pork reach 145 degrees F (about 63 degrees C).

Tip 5

No summer BBQ is complete without some delicious burgers fresh off the grill. They say the trick to a juicy burger is not to press it down, and only flip it once. Usually 3-4 minutes per side over direct heat depending on the level of doneness you desire. With a couple of minutes finishing over the indirect heat, especially if there is cheese melting involved. Also, make sure your grill is well oiled or brush the burger directly with oil to prevent sticking.


Whatever you prefer on the grill, I hope you have a delicious and fun time mastering your specialty! And if I missed any tips you’d recommend, please feel free to include them in the comments below!

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