Just imagine…you just had yours truly out to clean your carpets.  They smell fresh…they sparkle…they’re fluffy.  All the spots that have been bugging you for the past few months…gone.

Now, do you want to keep your carpet looking this good between your cleanings?

Most folks would readily answer “Yes!” so here are a few “Insider Tips” you can use year round to help keep your carpet looking as fresh and clean as the day we professionally cleaned it – even if it’s been a while….


Tip #1:  Put walk-off mats inside AND outside every entrance to the house.

Tip #2:  Place mats at carpet entrance or bound remnants on top of the carpet at high wear areas, such as in front of the sofa or chairs and entry/exit points from the carpet.

Tip #3:  Keep mats clean by vacuuming frequently and machine wash or hose and squeegee clean.

Tip #4:  Vacuum traffic areas 3 to 5 times per week, all open areas weekly and under furnishings at least quarterly.

Tip #5:  Use a powerful upright vacuum with a beater brush and excellent filtration system for carpets.  Use a canister vacuum with attachments for everything above the carpet.

Tip #6:  Take your vacuum in for a checkup at the vacuum repair shop annually.

Tip #7:  Re-apply protective finish each time the carpet is cleaned to keep stains from setting in and the soil from grinding in.

Tip #8:  Have any looseness in the carpet, pulled yarns, cuts or tears repaired promptly.

Tip #9:  Plan and schedule regular professional cleanings – 1-2 times per year depending on the amount of “traffic” in the house.  (i.e. kids, pets, etc.)  Clean high traffic areas more frequently (about twice as often as other areas).

Tip #10:  Control the circulation and disposal of food and drink. Many people claim that it is impossible to prevent kids from bringing food and beverages on the carpet, but it is generally just a matter of consistent enforcement.

Tip #11:  Seek and remove spillables before they spill.

Tip #12:  Clean spills up immediately, before they become permanent stains.  (Make sure everyone in the home knows how to clean a spill up properly. For spot cleaning how-to’s, read this!)


So there you have 12 insider tips to prolonging the life and beauty of your carpet investment.  For more helpful information or to schedule a professional cleaning, always feel free to drop us a line.


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