You’ve probably seen #relationshipgoals, #dadgoals, #momgoals, or even #grandparentgoals… Well the last time I checked on Instagram, there were over 18,000 posts hashtagged #summergoals.  What a fun way to record your fun summer memories!  Here is a list of ideas to start your #summergoals off right.


Attend an outdoor concert

Whether it’s listening to the sounds of Jewel at a small outdoor venue, catching Duran Duran at your local fair or attending a music festival that lasts for days.  “Getting’ your concert on” this summer will definitely tick a box on the #summergoals list.


Go to a baseball game

Though we don’t have a major league team, you can still attend a minor league game, or even a mini league game.  Even if you’re not an avid baseball fan, there is something so fun about sitting in the stands of this all-American (and sometimes Canadian) sport and eating a hot dog while you enjoy singing a round of “Take Me Out to The Ball Game.”   Do this and it’s another #summergoals accomplished.

Host a neighborhood BBQ

Okay, maybe not the whole neighborhood, but enough people to have a table spread with hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato salad.  And you’ll definitely want enough people to have some 3-legged and wheel-barrow races.  You might even want to end the night with a water fight, followed by some s’mores around the backyard fire pit.  Then when everyone is settled around the glow of the fire, snap your group photo and you’ve got another one of your #summergoals.


Go Road Trippin’

No matter where you live there is a really cool destination just a road trip away.  How fun is it to throw the family in the car with a cooler packed with snacks and hit the road for an adventure?  Whether it’s to explore your own area or take a long haul across the country, road trips are where some of the best summer memories are made.


Have a safe and fun summer!  Among my many #summergoals is the one to help keep your home clean and healthy.  And we can start right now with a free carpet cleaning quote!

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